Yoga Scorpion Pose (Vrischikasana)- Benefits, Sequence, And Variations

How to do Yoga Scorpion Pose or Vrischikasana:

yoga scorpion pose

Scorpion Pose is an advanced pose that you will begin exploring after developing sufficient strength. You will end up having enough shoulder mobility and power as a result of yoga and consistent practice.

The inversion is facilitating great backbend and is mimicking the scorpion position ready for striking. Some are bearing Scorpion among the hardest yoga poses.

It will be taking extra skill and preparation in building expertise, flexibility, and muscle. For you to practice the pose effectively and safely, it is regarded as a peak pose culminating by the use of physical and asana practice.


Step 1:

Scorpion pose yoga - Vrischikasana

Get to the forearm stand on your mat.

Step 2:

Scorpion pose yoga - Vrischikasana

Start drawing the spine in the broad curve while bending the knees and looking forward slightly. It will help you in lifting your head without compressing the neck back.

Step 3:

Scorpion pose yoga - Vrischikasana

At the stand of the forearm, the hips are more in the shoulders. It will help your body in moving towards classic C-shape regarding Scorpion.

Step 4:

Yoga Scorpion pose - Vrischikasana

Drawing the big toes will help you in a touch of the knees and remaining both extensive and separate. There is a need for staying mindful to avoid collapsing at the back bend and compression of lumbar. Therefore, ensure you are emphasizing flexibility, stability, and strength.

Step 5:

Yoga Scorpion pose - Vrischikasana

 For you to come out, there is a need for neutralizing the spine through straightening on the legs. Pass through the forearm, and you will end up standing the lower one leg on the floor.

Benefits of Scorpion Pose (Vrischikasana)

  • Help in the strengthening of back, core, arms, and shoulders. It is improving the spine flexibility, strength and stretching the hip flexors plus the chest muscles. You will be relying on the stability and balance you have been developing as a yoga practitioner.
  • While balancing the forearm stand in the room middle, you will incorporate backbends in asana practice. It is in this way that you will succeed in the exploration of scorpion pose

Tips For Safe Scorpion Pose Yoga Practice (Vrischikasana)

  • Firstly, While new to this Yoga Scorpion pose, it is best to perform it under guidance from a certified yoga instructor.
  • Ensure you are not attempting this kind of yoga pose until your guru or yoga trainers inform you of your readiness.
  • There is no need for performing this kind of pose while suffering from back or hip problems.
  • In case you are bearing any heart disease history. The best thing is for you to consider avoiding this kind of posture.
  • Individuals bearing high blood pressure or are suffering from vertigo need to avoid the performance of Scorpion Pose in yoga.

Variation For Scorpion Pose in Yoga (Vrischikasana)

Beginners of yoga need not attempt on this posture since it is advanced. The yoga teacher will help you understand your limits and determine when you should progress.

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