Yoga Gate Pose (Parighasana) – Benefits, Sequence, And Variations

Those who have managed to learn yoga will inform others that it has many backbends and forward bends. When it comes to bends done to the sides, they are the fewest. The gate pose makes sure that those neglected muscles are stretched out perfectly to remove that urge and feel of tiredness.

The goodness with this yoga style is that pregnant women can use it alike as it is safe. It can be done when you want to enjoy a warm-up, cooling down, or even distending out a bit.

Yoga Gate Pose Sanskrit Name: Parighasana

Yoga Gate Pose Sequence:

  • Start with an upright kneeling position, make sure that your thighs are perpendicular to the floor, and make sure your hips are over your knees. If your knees are sensitive, I advise putting a blanket or a soft rug under your knee.
  • Extend your right leg to the right and make sure it is strengthened. Make sure your knee and ankle are kept in line with your right hip.
  • Your right toes should be turned forward so that the right foot is made parallel to what you want it to be on the mat.
  • After that, take a deep breath and inhale. Take your left arm and reach next to your left ear.
  • You can now exhale and then lean your torso to the right. It would help if you now were to stretch your left arm.
  • Over your head. Your right arm can now come down and let it rest on your right leg.
  • Bring your gaze up now and let that be done under your arm that is extended.
  • Your torso should now come uptight and return the right knee to be next to the left knee.
  • You are now done but repeat the distension on the other part that did not do the process or pose.

Benefits of Gate Pose:

  • Able to ensure that the intercostal muscles between the inner thighs and hamstrings are made loosen. Know that when there is a poor posture, the intercostal structure will get tight. Tightness will also occur when there is a long position that has been used for a long time. For instance, when you have a long-distance type of running.
  • The style will also make sure that your chest can expand for deep breathing. That is why runners will always appreciate this exercise that is geared to the hamstrings.
  • Yoga gate pose is also a good pose that you can use to prepare yourself to have another type of yoga session. Other than that, if you sit for a long time, you can use this yoga pose to relieve muscle tightness.
  • You can use it with expectant mothers as the side stretches are the best in ensuring that the body system can change shape.

Gate Pose Safety and Precautions:

Some have a knee, hip, shoulder, or even knee injury, and this yoga style is never going to be the best for you. Simultaneously, I don’t need the advice to turn your face up for those who have a neck injury.

Just keep on looking ahead. When you are doing yoga and then realize that there is a feeling of any pain, gently release it or the section and slowly come out of the pose.

How to Do Gate Pose Variations :

  • You might be having some difficulty pressing your extended foot to the floor. Instead of that, you can use a prop like a folded blanket and put it under the ball of your foot. Put it or set it next to a wall so that you will be able to press your foot against the wall.
  • Those that can’t kneel can do a variation when they are seated. Decide between either letting your legs be in front or extend one to one part just like in the pose.
  • This is a great yoga pose and can be used to let your muscles stretch out to better your health. As seen, ensure that it is done well when you have good health and are at your best. If you are suffering from any problem, never attempt it until you are physically fit to go.