Yoga Eagle Pose Benefits, Sequence, And Variations – Garudasana

If you are working with yoga, this is a style that you might think is of the stereotypical ideal of that lazy and twisted-up pretzel yoga pose. One thing that you will realize about it is that it will not be difficult if you will have to break it down. What you will need to know about it is that it is a balance challenge. Since the limbs will be drawn into the body, the bent knees that will be there will mean that the center of gravity will have to below. Compared to other poses that you will be required to stand with one leg, this one will be a little precarious when you need a pose that will provide a great should ability, and this is what you need to choose or do.

Yoga Eagle Pose Sanskrit Name: Garudasana

Yoga Eagle Pose Sequence :

You will need to stand in a posture where both your legs are folded and your arms will be your arms. You can also decide to start by standing on soft knees and do the following.

  1. Start by transferring your weight to your left foot.
  2. Next, you will have to raise your foot and take it off the floor.
  3. Cross your right thigh and put it over your left thigh, and then put it as high on the thigh as possible.
  4. Your right foot will then have to be hooked around your left calf.
  5. Let your arms come to the front and then be parallel to the floor.
  6. Now you can bend your arms and then cross the left one over the right one. Ensure that they hook on the elbows
  7. On this pose, let your right palm cross over the left palm and then cross at the wrists. It does not matter which limb is above the other, and it is always required that the opposite hand be on the top part.
  8. The elbows can now be raised to the level of their verge and keep them away from the ears.
  9. The spine should now be placed perpendicular to the floor. At the same time, the crown of the head should rise.
  10. Before you repeat to the other side, it is recommended that you hold your breath for 5-10 breaths.

Yoga Eagle Pose Benefits :

  • Ensures that the upper back and verge are stretched well.
  • Hip mobility is also improved.
  • You get a better balance.
  • Ankles and calves are strengthened.

Yoga Eagle Pose Safety and Precautions :

  • Ensure that you can build your balance by practicing the chair pose
  • Wrapping of your legs should be practice by lying on your back. If that is not possible, then you need to against a wall for support.
  • The position of your arms also should be learned carefully while you sit on your desk.
  • If you have a knee-elbow, shoulder, or even wrist injury, you do not advise you do any of these eagles poses. Don’t start doing the eagle yoga right away to the expert level; always practice the yoga against a wall to gain balance slowly but surely.

Remember that is not always a good thing to rush thing up and fast, learn to do one thing at a time and that’s is why if you’re a first time there, you will need to have isolation of practices form time to time.

Yoga Eagle Pose Variations And Modifications :

  • You might be having trouble resting your leg. What you can do is rest your backside to be on the wall.
  • Not all will be able to hook the lifted foot to be around the calf. If you are one, then you can go ahead and put a block under your foot instead. You can also rest your foot on the floor to use it as a kickstand so that you can stay upright.
  • If you want to make it more challenging or use a different challenge, you can also desire to use a chair.

Some of the common mistakes that you will have to avoid while doing Yoga Eagle Pose.

  • You don’t expect or even anticipate having an injury at the end of your exercise. That is why we always say that alignment is important. Your hands, thighs, and arms are supposed to be aligned at all times.
  • One thing is that if you have a rounded back, you will have fewer benefits. Always ensure that when doing it, the back is straight.

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