Yoga Dolphin Pose (Catur Svanasana) – Benefits, Sequence, And Variations

Although it is one of the popular yoga poses that you can find in the yoga industry, it is always rated as the most painful if not done accordingly or safely. You can be sure that you will have this exercise stressful for those who have suffered from wrist pain or carpal tunnel syndrome, not as you expected.

Dolphin pose is performed on style forearms. At this pace, wrist pressure is released, ensuring that you get all the benefits related to the downward dog. Sore wrists will be familiar to those who lift weights, work on computer machines for a long time, play video games, and play the guitar, even those into sports too much. Pregnant women cannot be left out because they will also suffer from carpal syndrome.

Dolphin Pose Sanskrit Name: Catur Svabasana

Yoga Dolphin Pose Sequence:

  1. For the dolphin yoga pose, you will be expected to kneel and then your forearms, hands, and elbow to the floor in front of your knees, and the shoulder width should also be apart. You can manage to get this by having a good foundation; ensure your palms are turned up when rotating them down. Your fingers should then spread comfortably. Your forearm should be longer than your elbow and should be parallel and also grounded. The inner wrist should then be pressed downward. The middle and index fingers will reach the center of your elbow. For anything that you will be doing, this is always rated as your foundation.
  2. As you slide knees to be under your hips, you need to ensure that your upper arm is parallel. Your toes should be curled under, and then bring your shoulders to be directly over your elbows. Ensure that your elbows are not spraying, which can be achieved by hugging your upper arms to your bones. Inner and outer arms should be evenly lifted as you press the forearms down so that you can lift the shoulders.
  3. This is a step of the dolphin pose that you will be required to keep your shoulders over your elbows and when you exhale to lift your hips. You will need to release and lengthen your neck, but this can be achieved by lifting your shoulders. Lift the fronts of the legs by pressing own your feet. The final part here is to take the thighs towards the back so that you open the hamstrings.
  4. Remember that your pillars are the armpits and also the elbows. The fronts of the arms should not be moved towards the fingertips; instead, continue engaging the inner arms and the outer ones. Remember that it is very necessary to lift your hips to be way from your shoulders so that you can extend the sides of your body. One thing to remember is always to keep yourself active. When the legs work together, and the shoulders also lift, the body will be lighter, and your breath will be free.

Yoga Dolphin Pose Benefits.

  • Dolphin pose is one of the best ways that you can use to improve your memory consumption.
  • You will get relief from insomnia, fatigue, and also mild depression.
  • Stress and anxiety will not be things to disturb you.
  • Digestion will be improved a great deal.
  • Back pain, sinusitis, flat feet, discomfort from menstruation, and even asthma will be under control.
  • You will be prevented from suffering from osteoporosis.

Dolphin Pose Safety and Precautions:

  • You will have to remember that Dolphin Yoga Pose is not going to be for the faint-hearted. For instance, it will not be the best for you if you are suffering from the current arm, shoulder, neck, or back pains and injuries.
  • If you have high blood pressure and eye infections, you might not be in the best position to practice this kind of yoga pause.
  • Don’t go competing with others. That’s why it is always advised that you need to work within your limits at all times.
  • Another safety precaution that you will have to deal with is that if you have any health condition, it is good to seek medical clearance and advice from the doctor before you embark on any training.

How to Do Yoga Dolphin Pose Variations:

Dolphin pose is a more challenging pose when it is done and practiced in the correct alignment. You can either deepen or lighten this kind of pose. Here are some of the variations that you can try or work out with:

  • When you want to open the shoulders more, press the palms together using your forearms right on the floor.
  • For the correct alignment of your spine, you will need to bend your knees in the pose. These will start to form the balls of your feet as you lift high your sit bones and keep them back. Your hips should also be pressed on the wall that is behind you. Remember that you will finish it off by straightening your legs slowly.
  • If you realize that your upper is no rounding, bend your legs again until you can gain enough flexibility.
  • A greater challenge will need you to do the downward-facing dog. After that, bend your elbows and then lower your forearms to go back to the mat so that you go back into the dolphin pose again.

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