Yoga Crow Pose Variations and Benefits (Bakasana)

How to do Yoga Crow Pose and Crow Pose Variations (Bakasana) :

Yoga crow pose - Bakasana

Yoga crow pose is mostly the first arm balance that many yoga students practice. Though looking similar to arm strength, its keys help in learning the place the center of gravity if located. Besides, it helps in distributing one’s weight with the aim of getting an appropriate balance. The major hurdle for you to overcome is the reluctance of moving the weight forward to the hands. After finding a sweet spot, there will be popping of feet on the floor.


Step 1:

Yoga crow pose - Bakasana

Bending knees slightly with the aim of bringing palms on the floor at a shoulders distance. Planting palms firmly on the mat. There is a need of spreading the fingers wide and pressing each fingers top joint.

Step 2:

Yoga crow pose - Bakasana

Bending the straight back of elbows. There is no need of bending the arms but place the head in that direction.

Step 3:

Yoga crow pose - Bakasana

Coming up at the feet balls and opening the knees to help in lining up using the upper arms. Placement of knees at the back of your upper arms. Bringing weight forward in the hands while lifting the head while going.

Step 4:

Yoga crow pose - Bakasana

Coming up in the tiptoes and lifting one foot with the other foot off the floor. Engaging the inner thighs to offer support while at the same time keeping your knees at the arms.

Step 5:

Yoga crow pose - Bakasana

Hugging the feet forward at your butt. Focusing on body lifting. You need to avoid sinking into the pose which is likely to dump weight into your shoulders. Exhaling and transferring the weight back until the time in which the feet will end up coming back to the floor.

Yoga Crow Pose Benefits (Bakasana Benefits)

  • Yoga Crow pose is ideal for strengthening the abdomen, forearms, and wrists while at the same time stretching the upper back.
  • It helps in improving core strength and balance.
  • Mastering crow is known for building yoga confidence and opening the door to the poses involving arm balance.
  • You will end up improving awareness in space and enhancing your body control.

Safety and Precautions for Yoga Crow Pose (Bakasana)

  • Crow pose in yoga is a pose that you need to avoid while you have shoulder or wrist injury or any condition for instance the carpal tunnel syndrome. Besides, do not practice this pose while pregnant. Traditionally, the pose should not be conducted for people who are suffering from insomnia.
  • You need to put a blanket at the front to ensure you are not afraid of hitting the head to avoid falling. You will end up tipping forward while practicing the pose.

Yoga Crow Pose Variations And Modifications (Bakasana)

In case this move is difficult for you, there are various modifications you may consider using to help in building your confidence. After adopting the pose, you will end up adding variations such as the side crow pose.

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