10 Best Yin Yoga Poses For Beginners

Yin Yoga Poses For Beginners

Keeping fit comes with a lot of therapeutic benefits especially for yoga enthusiasts. I have provided the 10 Best Yin Yoga Poses For Beginners in this article. So let’s get into it.

Yin Yoga Butterfly Pose

This pose works well in lengthening inner thighs tissues, hip flexors, hamstrings, and the lower back. Therefore, it is important to do it correctly so that you can feel some nice stretch in those areas.

Yin yoga butterfly pose

Steps to perform Yin yoga butterfly pose:

  1. Compose yourself in a seated position and bring the soles of your feet together but ensure you feel comfortable in that position. Keep some distance to enhance the effectiveness of the pose. 
  2. Tilt the upper part of the pelvis while folding your legs. 
  3. Support your head with a soft cushion. Additionally, if you feel some rounding on your lower back you can place a bolster beneath your hips. 
  4. Stay in that position for 3-5 minutes while taking deep breaths to enhance the effectiveness of the pose.

Benefits of Yin yoga butterfly pose:

  • It is effective in stretching the lower back.
  • It is also recommended for people with urinary infections because it works well in the prostate glands and the kidneys.

Precautions For Doing Yin yoga butterfly pose:

  • If you have lower back disorders then you should refrain from this pose. 
  • Additionally, if your neck has had reverse curvature in the past then you should avoid dropping your head down.

Yin Yoga Sleeping Swan Pose

Sleeping swan creates rotation in the front leg and it also targets the hip flexors and quads. It also works well on the lower spine especially the lower spine. This pose also targets urinary bladder meridians, kidneys, spleen, and liver.

Yin Yoga Sleeping Swan Pose

Steps to perform sleeping swan pose:

  1. Position yourself on the tabletop but ensure it is large and stable. 
  2. Place your right knee behind the right waist while pointing your toes toward the left hip to create a 45° with your shin. Lower your hips by sliding your left leg. 
  3. Lengthen your spine towards your bent right leg. You can support your head using a cushion. 
  4. Maintain the pose for 3-5 minutes.

Benefits of sleeping swan pose:

  • It puts pressure on the gallbladder and liver meridian. 
  • It also stretches the outer hips. Therefore, it opens some energy movement around the liver and gallbladder which contributes to overall well-being.

Precautions for doing sleeping swan pose:

  • You should be watchful in the intensity of pressure that is exerted on the knees especially if you have ever had problems with the inner meniscus. 
  • Besides, if you notice you are feeling some tension on the hips it is important to bring back the front foot to ease the tensions.

Yin Yoga Square pose

This is one of the strongest hip openers Yin yoga poses. It also offers more therapeutic benefits. It helps in increasing your range of motion because it increases flexibility.

Yin Yoga Square pose

Steps to perform Square pose:

  1. Straighten your right leg from a seated position and place the left leg beneath the right knee. 
  2. Allow your spine to turn around by folding forward away from the hips. 
  3. Rest your elbows or place your hands down and hold onto this pose for approximately 3-5 minutes. 
  4. You will feel some sensation in the hips, buttocks, thighs, and around the sacrum. 
  5. You can come out from the pose by leaning back and straightening your legs. You can also repeat it on the other side.

Benefits of Square pose:

  • It decompressed the lower back.
  • It increases mobility.
  • It stimulates urinary bladder meridians and gallbladder.

Precautions for doing Square pose:

  • You should be cautious when doing this pose because it can aggravate Sativa. 
  • If you feel discomfort on your knees, you need to separate them or try out the eye of the needle pose.

Yin Yoga Shoelace Pose

This is a deep binding pose that works well for the shoulders, spine, and hips. Its name is derived from the way the legs and arms are positioned in a dramatic knot.

Yin Yoga Shoelace Pose

Steps to perform Yin Yoga shoelace pose:

  1. There are various ways to get into this pose. Therefore, from a seated position bend your knees on the floor and place your left foot beneath the right knee. 
  2. You can bring the right foot to the outer edge of your hips or from all fours you can place the knee behind the other. Allow your spine to round by folding your hips forward. 
  3. Hold this pose for 3-5 minutes. You should feel some sensation around the buttocks and the hips.

Benefits of Yin Yoga shoelace pose:

  • It allows a nice rotation for femur which allows compression on the hip joint. 
  • It also works well for the gluteus muscles.

Precautions for doing Yin Yoga shoelace pose:

  • If you are pregnant it is not advisable to lean forward especially after the first trimester.
  • Keep your spine straight if you have back issues.

Dragon pose in Yin Yoga

The dragon pose is the remedy for those people who are seated for long hours. It helps in opening hip flexors.

Dragon pose in Yin Yoga

Steps to perform Dragon pose in Yin Yoga:

  1. Begin either in the down dog or knees and hands. 
  2. Lower the left knee to the floor until you feel some stretch on your thighs and hips.
  3. Ensure you don’t rest directly on the kneecap. Press gently on the floor and hold the pose for 5minutes. 
  4. If you are a beginner you can hold for 3 minutes to avoid getting an intense sensation.

Benefits of Dragon pose in Yin Yoga:

  • It can ease sciatica
  • It increases hip mobility
  • It stimulates gallbladder meridians, stomach, and liver.

Precautions for doing Dragon pose in Yin Yoga:

  • You need to be careful when doing this pose especially if you have ever had hip or knee injury.

Yin Yoga Seal Pose

Seal Pose is advanced yoga. It is a deeper backbend that requires you to prepare for it adequately. It provides an intense stretch on your arms and the front of the body.

Yin Yoga Seal Pose

Steps to perform Yin Yoga Seal Pose:

  1. Lie on your stomach and place your legs at a comfortable distance from each other. 
  2. Bring your palms to your floor and place them at a distance away from your body. 
  3. By now you should be feeling some sensation on your lower back. Therefore, to reduce the tension you will need to bring your hands forward or widen the position of your hands.
  4. Ensure your buttocks stay relaxed and hold onto this posture for 5 minutes. 
  5. To come out of the pose you need to lower your chest to the floor and lie down. 
  6. If you are a beginner you can simply do this pose by lying on your belly while resting your hands at a comfortable position that will not result in a deep backbend.

Benefits of Yin Yoga Seal Pose:

  • It stimulates the urinary bladder meridian.
  • It energizes the adrenal glands.
  • It stimulates the thyroid glands.
  • It restores the Normal curvature of your lumbar spine.

Precautions for doing Yin Yoga Seal Pose:

  • Avoid this pose if you are having back issues. 
  • Additionally, it is not ideal for pregnant women. 
  • If you have a headache you should not do it.

Yin yoga banana pose

This pose offers you a perfect way of stretching the side of your body. It is good for the spin and also the lateral flexion.

Yin yoga banana pose

Image Source: Yoga International

Steps of yin yoga banana pose:

  1. Lie on your back having your legs together and also be in a straight position. 
  2. Use your arms to reach the fire head and clasps your elbows or hands. 
  3. Maintaining a proper position with your buttocks tilt your upper part of the body to the right side. Do this until you archive an arc structure. 
  4. Ensure that you don’t roll the hips. 
  5. Ensure that you do it on both sides following the steps above.

Benefits of yin banana yoga pose:

  • Banana yin yoga pose gives you the ability to stretch a whole side of your body. 
  • It has been known to work well on the spine and also the lateral flexion.
  • It also helps in stretching the stomach muscles.

Precautions for doing banana yoga pose:

  • Ensure that you stop this process before you start developing bruises. 
  • Also, be mindful of your muscle connectors so do not overstretch your body.

Yin Yoga Melting Heart Pose

This is very great for the heart. This pose comes with its benefits that are great for your general health. Furthermore, a healthy condition of your body largely depends on the condition of your heart.

Yin yoga melting heart pose

Steps of perform Yin yoga melting heart pose:

  1. From your knees start by lowering down to your elbows. 
  2. Ensure that you keep your hips in a straight line with your knees. 
  3. Then make your arms straight in the front direction. 
  4. Thereafter, place your chin on the floor as you allow yourself to be in a comfortable position on the pose.
  5.  If there is pressure on your shoulders then you should move them sideways and place your chin on your arms. Hold the position for about 4 minutes.

Benefits of yin yoga melting heart yoga pose:

  • This pose is very good for the spine. It is also known to increase shoulder mobility which is great for your daily activities. 
  • It also stimulates the bladder meridian. 
  • The heart and also the lung meridians are stimulated by this pose which is good for you.

Precautions for doing yin yoga melting heart yoga pose:

  • Avoid a tingling sensation that you might experience in your arms. 
  • If this happens move your arms wider and rest your head on the arms.

Yin Yoga Half-Butterfly Pose

This is a pose that is very good for your liver and also the kidneys. They also aid in the digestion process. It is a pose that has helped a significant number of people.

Yin yoga half-butterfly pose

Steps to perform yin yoga half-butterfly pose:

  1. You first start being in a seated position. This will be good if you use a soft material. 
  2. You then draw on foot toward your side and ensure that you stretch the other foot on the other side. 
  3. The stretched foot should be straight. 
  4. As you allow you back to move roundly, ensure that you fold in a forward position followed by the down part and finally the middle position between the legs.

Benefits of yin yoga half-butterfly pose:

  • This pose is very good for your lower back. 
  • It helps in loosening the hamstrings which is great. 
  • It is also good for the ligaments along your spine. 
  • It is also good for the kidney and also the liver.

Precautions for doing yin yoga half-butterfly pose:

  • Ensure that your spine is in an erected position while performing the exercise. 
  • If you also feel some discomfort on your knees then use a blanket.

Yin Yoga Dragonfly Pose

This is an exercise that is good for the backside of the thighs. This exercise can also help your heart, lungs, and gallbladder. This exercise is very great for your health fitness in general.

Yin yoga dragonfly pose

Steps to perform yin yoga dragonfly pose:

  1. To perform this exercise then you must start by being in a seated position. You can raise your pelvis to aid you when making the forward tilt. 
  2. You then lean forward and place your head on the floor. 
  3. If you can grab your foot then it will be good for you. 
  4. You can thereafter extend your leg and pull yourself in an upward manner.

Benefits of yin yoga dragonfly pose:

  • This is an exercise that is good for your groins. 
  • It helps in opening your groins. It is also good for the hamstrings. 
  • It also stimulates the spin, liver, and even the kidney.

Precautions for doing yin yoga dragonfly pose:

  • In this pose ensure that you are comfortable. 
  • If you feel some stress on your head you can use a pillow to raise your head a bit higher.

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