Child pose yoga - Balasana

Child Pose Yoga (Balasana)

How to do Child Pose Yoga or Balasana: Yoga exercise incorporates posing, meditating, and exercising which helps in encouraging the reduction of stress and relaxation. The practice of yoga will be coming with a variety of benefits for both physical and mental health. Benefits of Child Pose Yoga (Balasana) It assists in the release of …

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Cat pose Yoga - Marjaryasana

Cat Pose Yoga (Marjaryasana)

How to do Cat Pose Yoga or Marjaryasana: Benefits of Cat Pose Yoga (Marjaryasana) Massaging the spine gently to help in increase of mobility Stretching the neck and back. Major warmup before the performance of yoga practice which is paired using cow pose. Increasing circulation using spinal fluid. Strengthening of wrists, hands, and muscles while …

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Frog pose yoga - Mandukasana

Frog Pose Yoga (Mandukasana)

How to do Frog Pose Yoga or Mandukasana: Yoga is among the best ways of working in strength and flexibility. It is not only done by people who wish to touch on their toes for praying purposes. Many yoga practices involve relaxation. Besides, other yoga will include a lot of movement. Most yoga’s are focusing …

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