Fish pose yoga - Matsyasana

Fish Pose Yoga (Matsyasana)

How to do Fish Pose Yoga or Matsyasana: Benefits of Fish Pose Yoga (Matsyasana) It helps in stretching the intercostal muscles as well as the deep hip flexors. It helps stimulate and stretch the belly muscles and the front neck muscles. It strengthens the upper back muscles as well as the back neck muscles. It …

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Mountain yoga pose - Tadasana

Mountain Yoga Pose (Tadasana)

How to do Mountain Yoga Pose or Tadasana: Yoga is a science-art practiced for a healthy living. Yoga is a physical and spiritual discipline and a healthy practice based on a subtle science, meant to create harmony between your body and mind. Generally, yoga consists of flowing sequences accompanied by breathing exercises with a relaxed …

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Boat pose yoga - Navasana

Corpse Pose Yoga (Shavasana)

How to do Corpse Pose Yoga or Shavasana: Benefits of Corpse Pose Yoga (Shavasana) Calming the brain and helping relieve mild depression and stress. Relaxing of body. Reducing of insomnia, fatigue, and headache. It helps in lowering of lower blood pressure. Safety and Precautions for Corpse Pose Yoga (Shavasana) Trying to avoid moving the body …

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Boat pose yoga - Navasana

Boat Pose Yoga (Navasana)

How to do Boat Pose Yoga or Navasana: Yoga helps in the burning of tone, muscles, and calories. It is a workout involving the whole body and mind. It will be combining stretching and strengthening poses with relaxation, meditation, and deep breathing. There are many forms of yoga practice. Some are relaxing and gentle, while …

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Camel pose Yoga - Ustrasana

Camel Pose Yoga (Ustrasana)

How to do Camel Pose Yoga or Ustrasana: Benefits of Camel Pose Yoga (Ustrasana) Camel pose will be stretching the front part of the body, including the quadriceps, abdomen, and chest. It will help in improving spinal mobility since during day time. You are likely to be bending, slouching, or sitting with the spine forward. …

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