Cat Pose Yoga (Marjaryasana)

How to Do Cat Pose Yoga (Marjaryasana) :

Cat pose Yoga - Marjaryasana

Cat Pose Yoga is a highly essential yoga stretch. It involves moving the spine in a rounded position and to the arched area. All the movements are done in conjunction with exhalation or inhalation of breath. The pose will be conducted in warm-up sequence, relaxation sequence, and in the form of exercise to help in the prevention of back pain.

  • Step 1:

    Cat pose Yoga - Marjaryasana

    Standing on your knees and hands with the knees in the wrists and hips slightly forward or under the shoulders.

  • Step 2:

    Cat pose Yoga - Marjaryasana

    Spreading fingers and pressing through the fingertips and fingers base.

  • Step 3:

    Cat pose Yoga - Marjaryasana

    While exhaling, pull the bell in why lifting the side waists around spines and releasing the head towards your floor.

  • Step 4:

    Cat pose Yoga - Marjaryasana

    Pressing the floor away actively and feeling the stretch in your back body.

  • Step 5:

    Cat pose Yoga - Marjaryasana

    Inhaling and coming back in the starting neutral position.

Benefits of Cat Pose Yoga (Marjaryasana)

  • Massaging the spine gently to help in increase of mobility
  • Stretching the neck and back.
  • Major warmup before the performance of yoga practice which is paired using cow pose.
  • Increasing circulation using spinal fluid.
  • Strengthening of wrists, hands, and muscles while preparing them for purposes of Downward Dog.

Safety and Precautions for Cat Pose Yoga (Marjaryasana)

  • It is a pose that is supposed to be pain-free. In case you are experiencing any form of pain, you need to back up from this pose.
  • You need to check with the doctor before conducting the exercise if you have pre-existing back pain. It is the best way of determining whether training is ideal for you.
  • While having a neck injury, there is a need to leap the head hand in hand with the torso. Besides, ensure you are not tilting the head either back or forward.

Cat Pose Variations and Modifications (Marjaryasana Variations)

  1. If you have a neck injury, ensure you keep the head in the neutral position.
  2. If you have knee or wrist injuries, you will be substituting in lying down, or a seated version of cow and cat poses.
  3. You can try on the seated version. It involves sitting on the chair or using a secure cross-legged position. You will be placing hands around the spine and knees in cat pose and using the out-breath. There is the need of adding cow pose using in-breath.
  4. Trying the use of standing position. You need to stand using legs with the hip-width apart while the knees are bent slightly. The hands need to be placed on the thighs and in the spine present in out-breath. You need to add the cow pose on in-breath.
  5. Making a cat- The cow will sequence in an exercise of cow awakening through the extension of opposite leg and arm in a cow pose and draw elbow back while the knee is towards the nose during the cat pose.
  6. Alternatively, there is a need to use a cow and cat pose as spine exploration.

Source: Yoga Journal