Camel Pose Yoga (Ustrasana)

How to do Camel Pose Yoga or Ustrasana:

Step 1:

Kneeling with hips tacked and body upright over the knees. You need to take a pad and fold the mat to allow double thickness.

Step 2:

You ought to draw the hands up the body’s side until the time in which the thumbs will reach the armpits. Hook the thumbs in pits with the aim of supporting while opening the chest on the ceiling.

Step 3:

Maintaining the chest position while reaching the hands back with the aim of grasping the heels. If you require some more height, you ought to tuck the toes under. The feet tops will also be flat while on the floor.

Step 4:

Bringing the hips forward to ensure they are staying over the knees.

Step 5:

If it is feeling good, you ought to let the head come back while opening the throat. In case it is not working for your neck, you will be keeping the chin tucked.

Step 6:

Releasing through bringing the chin towards the chest and the hands towards the hips. Additionally, there is a need to perform it while supporting the lower back with hands. It will slowly start bringing the body to the best upright position.

Benefits of Camel Pose Yoga (Ustrasana)

  • Camel pose will be stretching the front part of the body, including the quadriceps, abdomen, and chest. It will help in improving spinal mobility since during day time.
  • You are likely to be bending, slouching, or sitting with the spine forward. When performing a backbend, you will be flexing it in the opposite direction.
  • It will assist you in developing a better posture. This is the best way of opening the heart chakra. It is the energy center for compassion, caring, and love. While you practice the pose often, you will end up building its flexibility to help in achieving the pose.

Safety and precautions for Camel Pose Yoga (Ustrasana)

  • You are not supposed to perform a camel pose if you have been suffering from chronic or injury problems with the back Neck, Shoulders, and knees.
  • Ensure you’re not forcing the body to this pose before it gets flexible from doing something which is straining. You ought to bed back as far as you can without straining.

Modifications and Variations for Camel Pose Yoga (Ustrasana)

  • Using blocks to the feet sides if you require to have more height at your hands.
  • Keeping hands at your low back in case you are having problems reaching the back of your feet. The fingers ought to be painted down. It will be squeezing the elbows.

Source: Wikipedia