Yoga Dolphin Pose Benefits And Sequence – Catur Svanasana

yoga dolphin pose - catur svanasana

Although it is one of the popular yoga poses that you can find in the yoga industry, it is always rated as the most painful if not done accordingly or safely. You can be sure that you will have this exercise stressful for those who have suffered from wrist pain or carpal tunnel syndrome, not … Read more

Scorpion Pose Yoga (Vrischikasana)

Scorpion pose yoga - Vrischikasana

How to do Scorpion Pose Yoga or Vrischikasana: Benefits of Scorpion Pose Yoga (Vrischikasana) Help in the strengthening of back, core, arms, and shoulders. It is improving the spine flexibility and stretching the hip flexors plus the chest muscles. You will be relying on the stability and balance you have been developing as a yoga … Read more